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FREE Full View Storm Door with the Purchase of "SIgnet" Entry Door - until November 30, 2018

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Free Storm Door Offer

The Free Full View Storm Door is offered with the purchase and installation of an entry door from our Signet Series of quality Entry Doors.
The Full View Storm Door is available in 16 colors to choose from.
Available size are 32 x 80 or 36 x 80, there is an up charge custom sizes.

Exterior Doors for your Home

Highest Quality Replacement Doors from a Local Company You Can Trust

Eventually every homeowner will need to replace things like the roof, doors, windows etc. Those who are handy can do the job themselves, for those who can not or don't want to spend their time doing these home improvement projects, Kendall Total Home can help.

Does your door need to be replaced?

This door was on a 20 year old home and is need of replacement. In this example the frame has started to rot from bottom and the sill plate at the bottom has come loose. The door had large gaps that allows outside air in. This was particularly noticeable in the winter when the homeowner would place towels on the floor or additional weather stripping to try and fill the cracks and keep the cold air out.

If not replaced the homeowner could have had larger problems.

  • Termites and ants are attracted to rotting wood and could have easily caused a large amount of damage
  • The rotting wood could have spread to the floor boards, subfloor and floor joists

The New ProVia Door

The new ProVia door will not rot is completely sealed from the outside and and comes with high performance, energy-efficient glass. Some features and benefits include:

    • Cladding and capping on all wood surfaces to ensure keeps the wood from being exposed to the elements.
    • ProVia’s doors meet or exceed Energy Star requirements to keep cold out in the Winter and the cool in during the Summer.
    • The bottom of the door includes a bulb and blade sweep which virtually eliminates all drafts from the base of the door keeping your home comfortable.

Years of Experience

Kendall Total Home has servicing the are with new entry exterior doors, patio doors and more for over 30 years.
Our commitment to our customers...

  • We take pride in our products and services
  • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority
  • Our intention is for you to be happy with our work for years to come.

We specialize in all residential entry doors, including entry doors, storm doors, patio doors, pet, sliding, french, front doors and more.

No Hassle Cost Estimate

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With our no-hassle estimate, we will come to your home, measure your door, window or whatever you would like an estimate on, and then leave. We will be in and out in a fraction of the time of the others and we will get back to you with a cost estimate on your project! No long sales presentations!

Entry Doors, Patio Sliding Doors and French Doors

Kendall Total Home is proud to sell ProVia Door Products. ProVia is committed to making doors that are customized for homeowners needs with the highest standards of durability, security, and energy efficiency.

The entry way is the centerpiece of any home and is the first impression of visitors and guest. Since your exterior doors are such a big part of your home, Kendall Total Home offers a stunning array of custom, shapes, finishes and style options to choose from. Entry doors are available in steel or fiberglass with a variety of custom glasswork and paneling options.

French doors take your entry-way up another level by making a statement about you and your home. These beautiful doors are usually a pair, and feature glass panes that extend for most of its length. They are available in all door styles with a large selection of options to make them as ornate and beautiful as you like. Options include glass selection, wood or steel frame, in-swing or out-swing, and more.

French doors and sliding patio both provide an abundance of outside light. The type of patio door that will work best for you depends on your home style, architecture, decor, and most importantly, your personal preference.


The most energy-efficient entry door system in the U.S. market


Realistic wood appearance...yet it’s fiberglass


Provides the strength of fiberglass with the classic look of woodgrain. 


Legacy Steel Doors are strong and durable without sacrificing beauty.

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